02/1/2016 » European Tour 2016

Flag_map_of_GermanyThat’s right folks, a trio of DC’s Best Original Band, The Muddy Crows, will be headed over to Germany to begin our first ever international tour! I will be joined on tour by Steve Mead, Eric Grabow, and perhaps even a few guest appearances by the other Wolff Brothers– Nick and Andrew.  We will be based out of Bremen but will do significant traveling around Northern portion of the country, where we will be performing twenty-two shows in just twenty-three days. The trip begins on Wednesday and we will try to make regular postings about our adventures. But, to stay up to date on all of the happenings, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and we will be sure to keep you entertained!

05/18/2015 » Always Right (Original)

When I was a senior at Cornell University, I was trying to record a full length album and was running short on material. With graduation and my subsequent departure looming, I feverishly penned a few more originals including: “Here’s to Someday” and “Everything Falls Apart.” But, the album was too heavy on ballads and love songs. I was concerned that the LP would receive criticism for it’s lack of variety. So, I convinced myself to explore the idea of writing a song of quirky pop/jazz nature. Lyrically different from the previously recorded material, ‘Always Right’ provides a humorous exposition of my foremost character flaw.