09/2/2016 » The 9 Songwriter Series

Next week, on 9/9, I will be performing as part of “The 9 Songwriter Series.” Founded in 2008 by singer/songwriter Justin Trawick, this touring songwriter collective and live show will come to the Black Cat in Washington, DC. The show was created with the idea of nine artists getting together and combining their talents in order to play in nicer clubs and to larger amounts of people. Each installment features nine singer/songwriters performing together in a unique and captivating format, telling stories, and often sitting in with each other and making up music on the spot.  Where else can you hear almost 30 songs from nine different artists in one evening?


07/31/2016 » The Fillmore

Last night, the rains fell upon Northern Maryland. Despite the high winds and flash flood warnings, Dan Wolff &The Muddy Crows still drew the masses to The Fillmore, in Silver Spring. Sharing the stage with famed Dave Matthew’s Tribute Band, Crowded Streets, we opened the show with our crowd favorite collection of  originals and clearly demonstrated why we were voted “DC’s Best Original Band.” If you missed this show, be on the lookout for more LiveNation bookings for these two bands. A show like this doesn’t come around often and you surely do not want to miss it twice!

TMC Fillmore-17

06/19/2016 » Jiffy Lube Live

tmc-jiffy-lubeIn the last few years, I have played a lot of great shows with The Muddy Crows. But, this year’s performance at Jiffy Lube Live has got to be one of the more exciting ones in our tenured resume. In the little town of Bristow, VA, I had the pleasure of performing in the VIP area of one of the areas finest venues, as the crowds eagerly awaited the Dave Matthews Band to take the main stage. Sure, we played the same stage last year, opening for The Fray, Matt Nathanson, and Train. But, this year it was different. Featuring a modified lineup, which included both violinist Tiffany Shanta and guitarist Bruno De Lima Campos, The Muddy Crows and I were able to put our best foot forward. As a musician it is always rewarding to share the stage with other immensely talented individuals, but, as an original artist, it is flattering to announce your name to the masses and know that they have taken notice of what you are doing. Thanks to everyone who has helped teach, mentor, and encourage my musical abilities. I am only permitted to grace the stages because of your efforts!

04/23/2016 » Old Fashioned Love

Often when I write songs, the music seems to develop long before the lyrics. I usually start with a piano part or a guitar riff that I play ad nauseum until the entire song forms around this tiny idea. Then I play the entire song repetitively so that the words are forced to make themselves known. I don’t try to cheat this process, I never set out to write a song about a particular event or topic, but in the case of Old Fashioned Love I did have one goal: To write a NON-love song. Now, obviously, I failed in this endeavor. Because as I listened to the lyric-less music, it spoke to me and said, “I am going to be a love song.” And so it was…

03/3/2016 » European Tour

The Muddy Crows would like to say “danke schön” (thank you) to everyone who supported the band throughout the recent European Tour! From airport shuttling to networking and promotion- This tour was ultimately made possible by the unending support of friends, family, and fans, both domestic and international. Additional thanks are owed to the entire Songs & Whispers staff for planning and promoting the entire circuit which spanned numerous cities, several countries, and ultimately 22 shows, including radio and TV interviews, in a period of 24 days!