05/18/2015 » I’m Not Me (Original)

“I’m Not Me” was originally written as an slow ballad-style duet and performed with Jessica Longoria. The original recordings are almost painfully slow in tempo. Thankfully, after hearing some similarities to some of Mat Keaney’s early work, I was inspired to increase the tempo. Since then it has turned into a highly listenable song with a rather accessible message about the ending of a dispassionate relationship. The new version of this track was released in 2014 as part of The Muddy Crows LP.

04/20/2015 » Mary Jane’s Last Dance (Tom Petty)

For years, the meaning of this song has been strongly debated. Some have speculated that Tom Petty wrote this as a “Goodbye Love Song” to his ex-wife Jane. In fact, members of The Heartbreakers have even eluded to this fact. However, a more common interpretation is that Tom Petty is referencing his own drug usage. While I have never dabbled in that particusubculture, I figured that today (4/20) was the perfect day to release this song. I will leave the interpretation all up to you!