It is hard to believe that Dan Wolff would have ever been anything other than a musician, but it wasn’t until his college years that he seriously started playing guitar. Shy at first, he performed only within the confines of his Cornell University dorm room. It took nearly three years, and constant encouragement from friends and family, for him to begin performing publicly.

Beginning small, he cut his teeth playing acoustic guitar and singing backup vocals for various singers at open mics held by small venues in and around the city of Ithaca, NY. After some initial success, Wolff penned a number of original songs which were ultimately recorded and released under his own name at Big Time Studios in Interlaken, NY. Upon posting the songs on MySpace, he received further recognition through online resources wanting to reuse and market his demo material.

After moving to DC in 2009, Wolff continued to perform regularly and began recording his entire collection of original music which resulted in several more album releases through Ambiance Recording Studio, in Germantown, MD. As his following grew, Wolff began collaborating with an eclectic group of talented musicians and decided to form a band. Ultimately calling themselves The Muddy Crows, the group released a self-titled debut album in 2014. Twice voted ‘Washington DC’s Best Original Band,’ by The Washington City Paper Readers Poll, the band looked to expand their radius beyond the Mid-Atlantic region. Performing regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes regions, a trio of The Muddy Crows was even invited to perform 21 shows across Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands in 2016.

Since relocating to the nation’s capital in 2009, Wolff has performed over 500 shows and released 3 full length albums. While he is currently finalizing a few smaller EPs for release in 2018, Wolff’s efforts are focused on The Muddy Crows, whose summer schedule is booked with festivals all over the eastern seaboard. Please check the tour dates for an upcoming performance near you!