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Always Right

When I was a senior at Cornell University, I was trying to record a full length album and was running short on material. With graduation and my subsequent departure looming, I feverishly penned a few more originals including: “Here’s to Someday” and “Everything Falls Apart.” But, the album was too heavy on ballads and love songs. I was concerned that the LP would receive criticism for it’s lack of variety. So, I convinced myself to explore the idea of writing a song of quirky pop/jazz nature. Lyrically different from the previously recorded material, ‘Always Right’ provides a humorous exposition of my foremost character flaw.

Mary Jane’s Last Dance (Tom Petty)

For years, the meaning of this song has been strongly debated. Some have speculated that Tom Petty wrote this as a “Goodbye Love Song” to his ex-wife Jane. In fact, members of The Heartbreakers have even eluded to this fact. However, a more common interpretation is that Tom Petty is referencing his own drug usage. While I have never dabbled in that particusubculture, I figured that today (4/20) was the perfect day to release this song. I will leave the interpretation all up to you!

Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)

In 1955, “Folsom Prison Blues” was first recorded by American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash. The popularity of the song, at the time, was do to its combination of elements from two popular folk styles, the “train song” and the “prison song.” Now, I have never been to prison. But, I have ridden on a train and I can assure you that locomotives now move a lot faster than they did 60 years ago, so it seemed fitting that we accelerate the tempo of our cover version to match.

I’m Not Me

“I’m Not Me” was originally written as an slow ballad-style duet and performed with Jessica Longoria. The original recordings are significantly slower in tempo. Thankfully, after hearing some similarities to some of Mat Keaney’s early work, I was inspired to increase the tempo and add a more percussive strumming style. Since then it has turned into a highly listenable song with a rather accessible message about the ending of a dispassionate relationship. The new version of this track was released in 2014 as part of The Muddy Crows LP.

Amie (The Pure Prairie League)

When an originals-focused band, such as The Muddy Crows, chooses which cover songs to perform, it can be challenging to find material that serves as an established crowd-pleaser without being considered “over-played,” lest the band appear un-original. When we first discussed this song, there was some hesitation to adding a country song, but after our first performance we knew that it has instantly become a staple sing-a-long on our cover set list. The Pure Prairie League may have had Vince Gill, but The Muddy Crows’ version features former Double Trouble guitar player Tim Dyer. “Amie” was recorded in October 2014, at Omega Recording Studios.